Personal Bio

I’m Michael Incavo, aka jazzmike. I’ve been making acoustic and electronic music since 1998, mainly on sax and keyboards.
I came up in classical and jazz, and later attended the University of North Texas and Baylor University. I studied jazz with Alex Parker, composition with Scott McAllister and electronic music with Ben Johansen.

While at Baylor, I played lead tenor in the Baylor Jazz Ensemble alongside the U.S. Army Jazz Ambassadors, the New York Voices and trumpeter Pete Rodriguez. We also premiered an original work of mine called Continuum.

I also was delighted to perform as a featured classical soloist in two performances; one for composer Michael Colgrass on his piece Urban Requiem as a featured soloist with the Baylor Wind Ensemble under Eric Wilson, and the other with the Baylor Concert Choir in the 2017 Baylor President’s Concert at the Eisemann Center in Dallas under Lynn Gackle.

I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts and a music concentration. 


Before Surfaces hit HBO, SiriusXM, Spotify playlists and Hollister, it was just a fun collab with some cool dudes.

It all started when a stranger named Forrest tapped my shoulder in the Baylor music library and said, “Hey man. You ever hear of Tycho? The artist?”

In 2017, I made my first contribution to a Surfaces project, Be Alright. Since then, I’ve toured cross-country with Forrest and Colin and helped out on Loving, Someday, Outside Interlude, Beautiful Day and Keep it Gold, plus the YouTube trending hit Sunday Best.

The name Jazzmike came from our first tour together. It’s who I am to the Surfaces family. When the awesome fans in Philly started chanting it at the show, I knew it was time to make it official. 


Served fresh from my studio in The Woodlands, TX.

  • Surfaces
  • CLVS
  • Forrest.
  • Nate Harasim
  • Tom + Mikey Szoch
  • Mason Ashley
  • David Stükenberg
  • Fragments of the Orient
  • Public Library Commute
  • Ok2222
  • Park Bird
  • Miss Dri
  • Ilan

Wanna co-create? Hit me up.


I’m working on a new solo project right now.

I’ve also composed Continuum, a convention-bending jazz ensemble work premiered with the Baylor University Jazz Ensemble.

I always enjoy scoring projects like wacky indie film
American Sci-Fi and I’ve produced stock music licensed by major distributors at retail + leisure locations as Lithium Audio Works.
In my spare time, I make Soundcloud jams, unique musical works jam-packed with ideas and cool sounds. They’re like the demo button on a keyboard.